$44 per person

  3:11-5:33PM EDT

12:11-2:33PM PDT

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Time is not what we think it is. In fact, it never has been. To recognize the full potential of time is to realize that unimaginable wonders linger at our fingertips. 

In this introductory class, you will discover how to access what amounts to the missing half of our universe — what is called “time-space” (or the OtherRealm as some like to describe it). This mystery was discovered the same time Einstein discovered relativity. However, scientists could only see Einstein’s bright light, which, it turns out, is not so constant after all. Only now are serious papers being written acknowledging that space-time and time-space co-exist like the inside and outside of a box. And this introductory webinar will require thinking outside of the box.

Here is an example of some of the topics we will cover:

        1.  What is Time-Space and Where Did it Come From?

        2.  Time Healers and the Beginning of a New Healthcare System

        3.  Space Travel and Time Travel … Not Just an Idea

        4.  Becoming a VisionSeer by Looking into Time-Space

        5. Taking the Power of 8 into Time-Space … New Spiritual Community

If the class shows serious interest, a new Course in Wonders will be scheduled starting in October of 2021 as a follow-up. For as Paul Simon likes to say, “We are in the days of miracle and wonder … don’t cry, baby; don’t cry.” A phoenix is rising from the ashes of this last year.

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