This message is simple in its scope but vast in its consequences. What humanity is facing is a whole new existence where everything as we know it can be transformed.

The DNA Tesseract, found within the human body, has unheard of capabilities of giving humans access to an unknown universe that is the inverse of space-time — called “time-space.”

Few know that we are in the midst of a secret, massive war. The good news is that we are most likely the cause of it. Let me explain.

            Part 1:  Knowledge Is Not Power … Information Is

Prepare for a Revolution … “Inherent Thriving” Walks the Universe

  How Science Has Been Turned Upside Down & Humanity Right-Side

Strap yourself in, for we’re about to take off to a place beyond Never Never Land.

Instead of heading to the “second star to the right, straight on till morning,” we’re aiming

at the multi-dimensions right in the middle of yourself, straight into Everything. 

As a New York Times bestselling author, I often get to see a lot of things others don’t. Because of that I feel the need to bring in additional material to the “Daniel” papers. Reading the Daniel papers is like the trying to drink water from a fire hose. So I will limit my comments in this first response in the name of sanity as well as brevity. Depending on the reaction to this balancing act with Daniel, I may provide follow-up white papers. 

When American Kabuki said that he would post this mystery of a picture, that had shown up out of nowhere, on his blog and let the “crowd source” (his blog members) bring forth the answer, I had my doubts. But no longer. I will present three revelations that showed up around this picture: 

The recent exposés on Antarctica read like science fiction. Giants? Half-animal humans? Motherships? Leading the charge for full disclosure regarding recent Antarctic discoveries is David Wilcock. However incredible the information being divulged, what is most disconcerting is Wilcock’s claim that Antarctica is the ancient remains of Atlantis. All this does is confuse the truth around Antarctica, and frankly, it makes no sense at all.

Humans are living gateways. For millennia, indigenous peoples have known

of these gateways in nature, used in secret ceremonies that gave them access

to the otherworlds. But even the indigenous did not know about the latest

discoveries of the gateways within humanity.

Crypto-Water & the Secrets of Harmony

Our planet is at its most critical moment. Throughout history we have become imprisoned by powers that govern financial debt, by leaders who divide us with hate and wound us with wars, and by institutions that brainwash us into crippling belief systems. 

Halls were to be established by the Gatekeepers (Missoula, MT; Denver/Boulder, CO; Santa Fe/Taos, NM; San Antonio; Knoxville, TN; Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, and St. Louis). 

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