Consciousness not only exists outside of the body, it is replicated in fractal patterns throughout the universe. What this implies is that all consciousness is connected with these fractal patterns. In other videos, Hameroff also speaks of what he calls Quantum Consciousness.

Inherent Thriving & Info-Looping Topics

Nassim Haramein discusses some of the most exciting new physics emerging in the world today, especially as it relates to boundless information in an inherently thriving universe of life.

Ted Talk … Haramein has come to a deep understanding of the underlying mechanics of our universe, using his equations and theory to calculate the most accurate prediction of the charge radius of the proton to date.  

What you will learn: Techniques for eliminating blocks to the unlimited-Self … How to start a Gatekeepers Group …Techniques for discovering your Genius-Self to bring healing and transformation …

Scientific research proving unlimited potential of focused groups.

Solfeggio Topics

Taught  by New York Times bestselling author, GW Hardin, and Grammy Award Winner, Barry Goldstein,  we explore the angelic involvement in returning the Sacred Solfeggio to humankind and  how they can be used in healing ourselves as well as Earth’s grid.

You will learn how to tune keyboards to a solfeggio pattern of sound. With this knowledge you will then be shown how create healing DNA frequencies.

A more in-depth approach is taken in how the solfeggio system may be used in fostering harmony in our lives.

During this 2 hour GW Hardin webinar you are be given the keys as to how to become a miraculous human using the tools the angelic realm has provided us with some two decades of teachings.

Using the Consciousness of Choice we dig deeply into ways to foster co-creation that ends suffering on a personal level as well as a global level.

Scientist John Hutchison Uses Solfeggio Tones to Restore The Gulf After BP Oil Spill

This amazing man bucks the system to prove that solfeggio tones can help restore the Gulf of Mexico eco-system. For which he was threatened with arrest.

The Supra-Brain

"Stephen Hawking Is Terrified of Artificial Intelligence" was the title of a recent Huffington Post feature (5/5/14). On the other hand, Stuart Hameroff, MD,  and Roger Penrose, PhD, have recently brought forth mitigating information …

This is the Q&A session that followed the Society for Scientific Exploration presentation.

The world as we've known it is at a frightening crossroad. Our institutions are corrupt, our religions polarized—some trying to kill the other off. Technology speeds past us as we stand lost.

Many arguments have been made about the threat of artificial intelligence leapfrogging humanity to the point of human extinction. Hardin, however, believes that artificial intelligence is nowhere close to overtaking humanity.