Known as the “House Whisperer,” GW Hardin speaks publicly for the first time about his experiences with otherworldly phenomena—how they can influence your home, your business, or your job. Learn how these wonders can be used in heretofore unknown ways to foster support in your life (health, wealth, relationships). Why is it that sometimes our best intentions do not succeed? The answer can be found in a reality that few know exists—in A World Beyond Belief.

Millionaire Nick Bunick was confronted by angels. It changed his life forever... Prominent and successful Portland, Oregon, businessman Nick Bunick never considered himself a particularly religious person. But he knew in his heart that he had experienced something extraordinary in a past life. Anxious to share it, but convinced that his story would seem unbelievable to most people, he kept it to himself. Then, two years ago, angels intervened. Nick came to understand that angels were prevailing upon him to tell his story -- a story that began 2,000 years ago when he lived as Paul the Apostle, and walked alongside Jesus. An inspiring chronicle of the angelic visitations that led Nick to finally share his memories, The Messengers also illuminates the events of his life as Paul. Rich with the wisdom and awe borne of Nick's incredible encounter with Jesus, this magnificent book truly signals a return to the Age of Miracles.


Before THE DAYS OF WONDER, there was THE MESSENGERS, where the angelic prophecies began around Nick Bunick. His story and other's, who work with the angelic realm, continue to this day. Learn of the new world forming around us at this time, and how the days of wonder are upon us.


This Indigo Generation has been labeled the "Crystals" or the "Starseed Children," among a growing list of others. But, the truth be told, no label will work; for this generation rejects labels. The Children of the New Earth are our sons and daughters who are here to create change, sometimes at all cost. Others are here to show us the way back to an Eden-like world dwelling in Oneness, balanced by Love, supported by Wisdom. Learn what they have to teach us.


On the Wings of Heaven: A True Story from a Messenger of Love

Take a journey where heaven and earth meet in the unexpected friendship between a man and an angel. Almost killed in the Vietnam War, Joe Crane survived the bombing of his ship by following a shouting voice directing him through a blinding inferno. Later, along with his fellow deckmates who had also followed the voice, Joe discovers no human source can be found to thank. For twelve years the voice intermittently continues its calling out of Joes name until the day he decides to answer back. From that point on, there unfolds a story that not only changes Joes life, but is likely to change the life of anyone who reads it.


The Masters Return: The Angelic Book of Healing

A wonderful book about the basic principles of healing given to us by the angels. These principles have been returned to all of us again to assist us in being more of what God has entrusted us to be. As you read, follow your heart and open your mind to the miracle of healing these words will inspire in you.


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